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Data Centre Infrastructure

Why build when you can buy?

Use a feature rich, UK based, and resilient infrastructure to guarantee the products and support you need to keep your business profitable and your customers happy. 

Many IT resellers do not have the time or the funds available to create their own hosted infrastructure to provide the resilient back up, telephony, connectivity and cloud services required by current and prospect clients. 

As a CT Wholesale partner, we can give you the experience of an actual data centre that you control with a click.  This means you can offer high quality products and services to any business of any size to meet their unique technical business challenges.

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  Cloud Service Provider CT Wholesale Amazon Microsoft
 Service Cloud VDC AWS Azure
Price Is data transfer and networking free of charge      
Support & Service Online Live Support      
Geographic Locations UK only data centres      
Managability Automatically integrate physical & colocation services      

Business Benefits

Always on

On-demand computing, storage and applications integrated into the heart of your customers IT infrastructure

Cost effective

Replaces the need to buy, manage and maintain physical IT infrastructure


Simple to provision, scalable, compliant and cost effective

Why Choose CT Wholesale's Data Centre?

Convenient cost effect data storage

Reassurance that your data is stored in the UK and is ISO 27001 approved

Scalability to quickly and easily add capacity to meet changing business needs

Efficiency - 24/7 management of the data centre

Custom built data infrastructure without cost of premises, equipment, secuirty or support systems

We provide market leading connectivity and IT services

Key Features

Seven geographical locations around the UK

Layer 2 connections into all UK major Tier 1 carriers for voice for and data

Resilient network across all locations and between several data centre providers - never relying on one location or one provider


Do I need to use a data centre?
Yes! Businesses are depending more on data centers as they offer greater levels of security, flexibility and accessibility to data and information around the world.

  • It offers greater security as your data is protected by a 24/7/365 manned site with no access being grated without prior authorised contact. The building has perimeter fencing, fire protection and the additional peace of mind of off-site backup
  • It offers greater Flexibility – all services provided by the cloud are scalable so your business can adapt to growth easily and quickly. All services and data can be accessed from any mobile device allowing flexible working locations
  • It offers greater accessibility – very fast & resilient connectivity, multiple host & SAN infrastructure – both guarantee uptime

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